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OnCampus offers youth-focused marketing and media services that connect brands to college students. With 10+ years of experience and an extensive campus media portfolio, OnCampus is able to deliver high impact results on 5,000+ campuses across the US and Canada. The OnCampus team will design and execute a plan to fit any budget to meet your strategic objectives.
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Highlights from the US News & World Report Higher Education Rankings

A few days ago, the US News & World Report announced the Best College rankings overall and based on a few categories to help students determine the academic quality of over 1,800 schools in the US. Princeton University remains the … Continue reading

How to Market on Campus Through Brand Ambassadors

Word of mouth and peer recommendations are a great way to increase your customer base and create buzz about your brand on college campuses. However, even your most loyal supporters may not be able to market your product and help … Continue reading

The Best Platforms to Connect with College Students

When marketing to college students, it is important to engage with them on their own turf. By engaging with them on their favorite platforms, your brand will be able to communicate with a larger amount of your target market on … Continue reading

What Campus Media Channel Do College Students Notice the Most?

Advertising on campus is a promising way to get your brand out there to college students. According to a study we conducted here at OnCampus, college students surveyed reported that they engaged with campus media over 50% of the time. … Continue reading

Student Newspapers Are Still A Widely Popular Advertising Medium

College newspaper readership is still a largely popular advertising medium, according to a study we conducted here at OnCampus Advertising. Over half (53%) of respondents at 25 major US universities said they had read their college newspaper in the last … Continue reading