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OnCampus offers youth-focused marketing and media services that connect brands to college students. With 10+ years of experience and an extensive campus media portfolio, OnCampus is able to deliver high impact results on 5,000+ campuses across the US and Canada. The OnCampus team will design and execute a plan to fit any budget to meet your strategic objectives.
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Advantages of OOH Advertising

Is your brand looking to market your product or service to your consumers within five seconds of exposure? Look no further than out of home advertising. OOH advertising is extremely popular, especially with large companies. Your brand has the ability … Continue reading

3 Things to Know About Millennial Women

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Halloween: The Millennial Holiday

Halloween spending this year is expected to reach $8.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. While Halloween originally was a holiday geared towards children and its spending mainly focused on candy and cheap costumes, it is now the 6th … Continue reading

Go Above and Beyond With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to turn data into personalized experiences that resonate with your consumer. Email marketing is far from being a strategy of the past, as it is one of the top ways to connect with consumers … Continue reading

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Some believe email marketing is on the cusp of dying out in the advertising world with the takeover of online marketing platforms such as social media and digital advertising. However, this is untrue because email marketing is one of the … Continue reading