Advertise to IVY League Universities

Four Ways To Advertise On Ivy League College Campuses

In the U.S, there are eight Ivy League Universities, and about .02% of the U.S Population can call themselves an Ivy League alumni. Therefore, the students who attend those universities are not your typical students, making marketing to them slightly different. One significant similarity between your typical college student and an Ivy league student is that they are a part of the Gen Z tech-native generation. They’re constantly online shopping and engaging with different brands. No matter which industry your brand falls into, college students should always be one of your target markets. This leads to the question: How do you target college students from Ivy League universities with marketing?

Establish A Campus Brand Ambassador Program

The college brand ambassador program is a fairly new idea, but it can be one of the most successful ones. To be clear, brand ambassadors consist of college students who promote the product of a brand and services on their college campuses. Because Ivy League universities have different student groups, it’s good to recruit brand ambassadors from different majors to reach more students. The brand ambassador’s responsibility is to use as many strategies as they can to get the word out on your products as soon as possible.

Brand ambassadors can use some of the following marketing strategies:

  • Create social media posts with hashtags directed to college students
  • Hand out promotional material
  • Promote an event in the name of the company
  • Hand put free company products
  • Represent your company on campus

Moreover, it is crucial to recruit brand ambassadors committed to your company and have a common goal. One option in doing this is connecting which majors within the university have more of a relationship with the product and the brand’s interest and then reaching out to those students over others.

Sponsor Fundraising Events

Every Ivy League college has more than one fundraising event every semester where students from different majors work together. This could be another way to promote your brand to college students by sponsoring a fundraiser event on campus. Many colleges reach out to businesses to ask them to sponsor their events, so your brand could easily sign up as a sponsor. You are helping a good cause and getting your brand name out there for all to see and get to know. It’s a win-win situation.

Have A Presence On Social Media

College students are more active on social media platforms than any other market. 39% of Generation Z has 4 or more social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, TikTok, etc.). This fact makes social media marketing a fundamental component in any successful college student marketing campaign. Like students at any other university, Ivy league students use social media frequently, so do not neglect this form of advertising when targeting this specific demographic.

Look For College Media Sources

As an Ivy League College, having a weekly student newspaper is very common. Some universities may have a student-led newspaper, weekly newsletters, an online website, or even an app. Reach out to those publications or reach out to us to sponsor a post and show your brand. In this way, you can be part of the daily life of your target market, creating consciousness about your products.

In Conclusion

It is essential to choose your marketing campaign based on your target audience and their desires and necessities. Each university has students with different personalities and many resources in which you can advertise your brand. If you need help representing your brand on Ivy League campuses, we are more than prepared to help out.


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