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College newspaper websites are a central location for university information, frequented by students, professors, and more. With the shift to digital media over print, the college newspaper business has adapted well. Almost every college newspaper across the country also has a website featuring their print version. The sites include a lot more online content as well. This makes information more accessible to the rest of the college community and is an efficient way to target the audience. Here are a few reasons that advertising in college newspaper online sites is a strong advertising opportunity for any brand.


A myriad of new marketing techniques nowadays promise to reach new people in new ways. However advertising in a college newspaper online offers strong credibility and trust. Newspaper websites have been around much longer and are a more formal form of communication, which can be an advantage to many advertisers. They offer a more official voice than some more informal or guerrilla marketing tactics.


Newspaper online offers for freedom to customize the way your ad looks. Traditional out-of-home or postering provides static placements. Meanwhile, digital ads allow for more time and less resources to be dedicated to making an eye catching and attractive ads. Furthermore, many websites allow video ads as well, an even more informative and attention grabbing marketing opportunity.

High Visibility

College newspaper websites offer a diverse range of ad placements on their websites, including but not limited to above the fold banners, in-text placements, expanding banners, videos, and more. You can create a meaningful brand presence with nearly any budget by properly taking advantage of advertising in college newspaper online. From small liberal arts schools to large state universities, there are college newspaper websites to suit any advertiser’s needs.

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