Advertising in January & February to College Students

Advertising in January & February to College Students


Typically, after the holiday season, we see a decrease in spending regarding advertising efforts, but there are so many reasons for starting the year off strong. We have found that advertising to college students in January & February to be very important.

It is important to strategically plan the efforts that your company is going to do in its marketing department for the year. In January and February, some companies find that they do not have many sales. So they focus on creating content and brand awareness so that they can prepare the business for peak season.

However, many have found that the start of the year is a great time to be marketing and selling. Especially to the college demographic. The reason being is that college students are starting the new semester. Some of them will be looking for a fresh start, deciding to buy new clothes, school materials, and other things that can be useful for their spring semester.

Ideas on how to advertise your brand on Campus in January & February

  1. Hire Brand Ambassadors to promote your events/promotions.

During the first months of the year, there are a lot of important dates. This can be an opportunity to market your business both online and offline by highlighting the promotions and events that are going to be offered to celebrate these dates. By hiring brand ambassadors from specific campuses, they can put posters around each campus to promote your event. Another idea is to use wall clings or flyers so the students see your brand during their daily life and keep you in mind. The idea is to promote your events or promotions that the brand is having for these special dates.

Some upcoming holidays include President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day. All these holidays are important in colleges, so students will be looking for products and brands with good deals.

  1. Create holidays roundup posts with Social Influencers

Your brand can still incorporate the holidays into your January marketing by sharing on social media sites using as much leftover holiday cheer as possible. Having social influencers at different campuses be cheerful can cause such a positive outlook on your brand.

Social influencers can take advantage of the trend #tbt (Throwback Thursday) on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. They can post pictures from December to share the feelings of holidays with their followers. In addition, since all students are going back to school, after spending time at home, by transmitting the message of holidays to them, they will feel more connected to your brand.

  1. Use email to create customer loyalty

The value of loyal customers is really important, and every business owner knows that. One idea to keep your customers loyal is through email marketing.

Here are two ideas to create customer loyalty by email:

  • Share exclusive content or deals with your subscribers
  • Welcome new contacts

Since both of these touchpoints make a user feel more valued and appreciated it will cause more sense of loyalty to your brand.


January and February can often be stressful times for businesses. With the right marketing efforts, brands can grow not only in sales but also in awareness, which is important. A great option during those months is to focus on the college demographic, who tend to spend more before Spring Semester begins.

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