Back-to-School Advertising Tactics

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Ah fall, it brings to mind books, new classes, football games, and oh yeah – your brand on campus! Advertising during back-to-school is a great way to create brand awareness, showcase your products, and connect with college students as they begin their fall semester. Depending on what your marketing goals are, there are a few different ways OnCampus Advertising can help you to engage with your target audience during this exciting time of year.

Hosting a Welcome Week event on campus is a fun and engaging way to connect in person with students. Setting up a booth with samples of your products, including fun games and contests – such as a spin-to-win wheel and giveaways – will allow attendees to interact directly with you and your brand. Let OCA do the heavy lifting – we will reserve a space, recruit and train Student Brand Ambassadors, and ship all of the necessary supplies to make your event a success. Ambassadors can create interactive and engaging experiences with your brand through campus events and peer-to-peer interactions. These activities foster a deeper connection between students and your brand, encouraging long-term loyalty.

Want to be sure you are hitting your exact target audience? Try utilizing display ads! OnCampus Advertising uses sophisticated algorithms based on user behavior and preferences so you can be sure that you are hitting your desired audience with relevant content. For college students, this means receiving ads that align closely with their academic interests, career aspirations, and personal needs, making the ads more useful and less intrusive. Display advertising offers several benefits to college students, both in terms of enhancing their educational experience and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Hiring student brand ambassadors to promote your products offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your marketing strategy. OnCampus Advertising has a network of brand ambassadors at schools across the country. We will hire these students to be the voice of your brand, handing out flyers, hanging up posters, wall clings, or door hangers throughout campus. College students are more likely to trust recommendations from fellow peers over traditional advertising. This authenticity can lead to higher engagement and a stronger connection with your target audience. College students represent a valuable demographic with purchasing power and influence. Student ambassadors have direct access to this group, allowing your brand to reach them effectively.

Marketing to college students during the fall semester is crucial for businesses aiming to tap into a dynamic and influential demographic. This period marks the beginning of a new academic year, with students establishing routines, exploring new products, and making purchasing decisions that can lead to long-term brand loyalty. Effective marketing strategies during this time can capture the attention of tech-savvy, socially connected students, driving engagement through campus events, digital campaigns, and targeted promotions. By aligning with their needs and interests, businesses can build meaningful connections and position themselves as integral to the college experience. Contact OnCampus Advertising today, your one-stop shop for all things college marketing!

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