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Out-of-Home Advertising for Back to School

As the spring semester wraps up and summer sessions get underway, more and more colleges have turned their attention to this upcoming fall semester. As first discussed in our Back-To-School 2021 Outlook, many colleges and universities across the U.S. have announced a planned return to in-person instruction this fall. These announcements promise greater success for advertising methods typical of bustling campuses and in-person classes and activities. These methods include print, event marketing, and Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising on college campuses. Today we will be focusing on Out-of-Home advertising and its considerable potential for Back-to-School campaigns this fall.


What is OOH advertising? What does it entail? It’s our largest form of ad space and consists of bus shelters, billboards, street furniture, interior bus cards, campus transit and kiosks. Out-Of-Home displays reach students every day, generating strong brand awareness. Our OOH network, in particular, extends across 300+ universities, enrolling over 4 million students. However, because COVID sent students home last spring and kept many of them there for the 2020-2021 school year, OOH, as of late, hasn’t always been the ideal method of reaching students. We predict this will change this fall with students finally returning to college campuses nationwide.


OOH advertising is a very effective marketing tactic for reaching consumers everywhere. This is primarily because the out-of-home placement is in large, public areas where it’s hard to ignore. One aspect of the pandemic that may facilitate the exposure of OOH ads to college students on campus this fall is the desire to be outside instead of indoors. This notion, paired with more students returning to campuses for in-person instruction, could very well be a recipe for success. More students will be walking around campus to class, hanging out in the quad, dining outside; more chances for them to see an ad on a bus shelter or campus kiosk!

So, if you are looking for ways to reach college students this coming back-to-school season, consider Out-of-home advertising and its advantages. We are actively tracking the status of thousands of college campuses nationwide this fall semester. Therefore, ours tools and knowledge allow you to target the schools and students that are ideal for  you.

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