The Benefits of College Newspaper Advertising

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Business owners looking to market to college students to help brand recognition, product sales, repeat business, and brand loyalty. Although the advancements of digital marketing can be advantageous, local college advertising efforts offer many benefits that make investments worthwhile. Here are some benefits of college newspaper advertising.


  • Proactive audience

College newspaper readers often actively read and look to pages that offer deals and coupons. Placing your ad in a newspaper doesn’t guarantee readers will notice it, but certain readers actively looking for deals is likely to notice it, take time to read it, and possibly act on the offer or sale.

  • Newspaper advertisements are relevant and expected by readers

Sometimes, college students view certain types of advertising as intrusive or irrelevant. In their college newspaper, ads are often expected by readers, and their placement is very similar to the written content. For example, a shoe store ad in the fashion section, or a new video game in the technology section. As this type of placement makes an ad less intrusive, a negative consumer reaction is less likely.

  • Newspaper staff are trusted by college students

Local newspaper staff work hard to foster positive relationships with members of the community to build a loyal customer base. As the newspaper staff’s reputation grows, more and more college students trust them to provide accurate and timely information regarding local news and issues. By advertising with a trusted college newspaper, your brand itself can build a positive reputation in the community simply through this association.

  • Flexibility regarding last minute changes, options, and extras

Another benefit of college newspaper advertising is the rapid turnaround of production changes. If you need to make the last-minute changes to your creative, the newspaper advertising department can usually get the job fixed quickly. Additionally, newspaper advertising offers a variety of advertising options that can fit into any budget. Some options include classified ads, column ads in various sizes, half-page or full-page spreads. You can also negotiate for extra services for color printing, design assistance, and inclusion of ads across college magazines and brochures.


For more information on how to market to college students through newspaper advertising, contact us at OnCampus Advertising.


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