Benefits of Bulletin Board Advertising

Bulletin Board Advertising
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The world is becoming increasingly digital, and so too is advertising. However, that doesn’t mean old advertising methods need to go away. In fact, some of them are still the more effective. When it comes to advertising towards college students, nothing demonstrates this better than bulletin board advertising. 

Frequency of Bulletin Board Advertising

While they may seem old-fashioned, bulletin boards still work. The primary reason is their placement. Colleges typically place them throughout dorms and academic buildings, two places that students are in quite often. Not only will this allow you to reach a large number of students, it will reach them numerous times. An advertisement placed in a dorm is likely to be passed multiple times a day by any student living in that building, giving them ample time and opportunity to process the information in it. Meanwhile, posters placed in academic buildings reach an extremely high number of students on a typical weekday.

Ability to Target

Placement of bulletin boards also can allow you to target specific students. While some may be general, most academic buildings focus on a certain subject or school. If you want to target based on major this can be done relatively easily. It is also possible to target specific dorms as well, as many schools will group students together in dorms by major or some other interest, allowing for additional targeting opportunities. Some schools additionally have single-gender dorms, allowing an advertiser to target based on gender if necessary. While there are more ways than ever to advertise, the college bulletin board shows that sometimes that simplest can still be the best.

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