Campus Bulletin Boards and Wall Clings

Campus Bulletin Boards
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When it comes to catching the attention of college students, there’s no better method than to do so with eye catching posters in familiar places. Posters on campus bulletin boards and wall clings at eye level are a classic and cost effective approach. It gains brand recognition and gets people talking about your product or brand. Thinking outside of digital advertising can be even more effective and lucrative than other methods.

Thinking Bigger than Digital

Digital marketing is effective, yet can be time consuming and costly. With digital ads it can be difficult to get your message across with such a quick and limited advertising window.  Wall clings and posters on bulletin boards allow for real life eye catching advertisements that are sure to grab the attention of students walking by. Students pass by these static units multiple times a day which increases visibility. They also read the ads as they’re waiting for class.

Campus Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are a common sight on college campuses. From academic buildings to dorms there are a multitude of spots that allow students to check out advertisements for on campus activities, clubs and exciting opportunities. They are usually located in hallways with high foot traffic to get the word out to the most students possible. By recruiting brand ambassadors or working with professional installers to hang up posters all around campus on these bulletin boards, a company can be sure that their posters are going to be seen by many of the students passing through these high traffic areas.

Wall Clings

Even more eye catching than posters are wall clings. Wall clings can be larger in size and stick to almost anywhere on campus, allowing for a lot more flexibility. Clings catch much more attention based on their placements. Usually a guerilla style method, wall clings can stick to most surfaces and are able to be easily removed and not leave any damaging residue. With an engaging ad, wall clings are an excellent opportunity to get students’ eyes on your brand.

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