Campus Transit Advertising

Campus Transit Advertising
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Transit advertising, a traditional marketing strategy, has been used for years to appeal to designated locations and people. Due to the rise of the digital age, marketers often ignore traditional methods of advertising. However, campus transit advertising remains a game changer now and into the future.

Most large schools have campus transit to help their students and faculty get through campus in a safe and timely manner. Campus transit advertising provides opportunities for brands to target students according to their location. This also raises brand awareness at a low cost.  Now, this is where brands should take transit transportation into consideration.

Geographic Targeting

If you’re trying to target college students, what’s the best way to target them directly? The biggest advantage of investing in transit advertising is the location. On a daily basis, students gain exposure to your advertisements. Geographic targeting is a smart way to target college students specifically as your advertisement could be exposed on the outside of the bus, or in the inside. Campus transit advertising delivers your brand message around the university and most importantly, popular areas in campus.

Catch Students on the Move

Students in large college campus commute around campus using campus transit. Transit advertising is not only on shuttles, but also bus shelters, stops, subway cars, train platforms, etc. Seeing that students, and even staff, use on campus transit, your advertisements will be exposed to students for numerous times increasing the frequency and students’ familiarity with your brand. Because of transit advertising, it is most likely college students will choose your brand over your competitor’s because of the familiarity with your brand.


As we have previously mentioned, campus transit advertising helps raise brand awareness on campus because of frequency. College students will see the advertisements whether they’re inside or outside of the shuttle. According to the Seven Time Factor, a general Marketing rule, it takes at least 7 times for a customer to see the ad to buy the product or service. Therefore, it’s crucial for brands to invest in campus transit advertising as frequency will raise brand awareness and the willingness of the potential customer to buy the product.

Cost Effective

Campus transit advertising produces high impressions at a low CPM. Out of all of the traditional methods of advertising, transit advertising is one of the most cost effective. It can reach potential customers for long, extended periods of time.

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