Choozlechat: College Students and Digital Advertising during a Pandemic

ChoozleChat Brendon Basile

Last week, our Director of Media Operations here at OnCampus Advertising, Brendon Basile, chatted with Choozle, a digital advertising software platform. They discussed how targeting college students has changed due to the pandemic and how digital advertising tactics have stepped up to the plate to help reach college students at home. 

The pandemic has no doubt limited many marketing activities in reaching college students. In-person campaigns were not feasible for some time, causing traditional media strategies to lose some of their effectiveness. However, this allowed many, including us, to switch gears and focus on digital advertising strategies. Choozle’s services, specifically mobile geoframing and their existing audiences, helped us reach and target specific audiences no matter their current location. As a result, many of our digital campaigns that utilized Choozle helped generate more brand awareness for our clients, even with a pandemic forcing many students to stay home. 

To learn more, check out the choozlechat article with Brendon here

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