College Brand Ambassadors

If you saw an advertisement for pet rocks on television, would you buy it?

How about if your friends kept posting online and talking about it?

What if it became cool?

College Brand Ambassador Network

Use teams of student brand ambassadors to activate customized engagements across the US and Canada.  Our student brand ambassadors connect with peer to help promote your brand. 

Distribute Product Samples or Flyers

Dorm Room Door Hangers

Pop-Up Stores Staffing

Tabling or Event Staffing

Student Club, Fraternity and Sorority Sponsorships

Student Brand Ambassador
Student Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors represent your voice on campus, enabling students to connect one-to-one with your brand.

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Flyering on Campus
Brand Ambassador Marketing

Flyering on Campus

Campuses are the perfect location for promotional flyering due to the high foot traffic and eager population of students. A brand can run a successful

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OnCampus connects brands to college students where they live, study, work and play.

With 15 years of experience and an extensive portfolio of campus media, OnCampus creates meaningful marketing engagements on more than 2,500 campuses across the US and Canada.

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