College Bulletin Board Posters Key to Reaching Students

College Bulletin Board Poster
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Easy-to-Find College Bulletin Board and Informational

As students begin to flow back into dorms this fall, the college bulletin board becomes a very central point of easily accessible information. Many bulletin boards are in central locations (in common rooms, by elevators, etc.). They provide a perfect opportunity to market to students. Posters that actively engage students allow brands to create a connection with both new and returning college students. We recommend short, to the point messages that will hold students’ interest as they peruse various posters.

Companies that want to push back-to-school initiatives can give themselves an edge with a presence in residential buildings and choosing specific dorms to post in allows us to target groups based on where they live. Many schools place their students in major-specific housing. Advertisers can use these placements to focus on either one or multiple majors. College bulletin boards exist beyond just the dorms.  Many campuses place them in academic buildings, student centers, and sometimes outside. The boards provide sources of quick information that’s easily accessible to both students and visitors alike.

College bulletin board posters provide a good additional outlet for print advertising to students, with a high volume of exposure for any business who decides to capitalize on their use.

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