College Student Email Advertising

College Student Email Advertising
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We previously tackled tips on email marketing especially when it comes to college student email advertising. However as a new semester approaches, we want to update the tricks to improve your reach into the college market.

Marketing to college students should be easy. Thousands of students and prime customers concentrated in one place? College students are constantly viewing advertisements, especially on their phones, which seemingly never leave their hands. Whether it is advertisements on social media, apps, emails: they are everywhere. It sounds simple. So, then, what’s the catch? Why isn’t it as easy as it sounds?

Because college students are so frequently viewing advertisements, they have developed an immunity to them. Adapting to their phone applications by unconsciously scrolling and skipping ads. Email is one of the most used applications on phones by college students. They are constantly being bombarded by advertisements here, too, through their student emails. So, the question becomes, how do we successfully run a college student email advertising campaign? How do we ensure they don’t skip the ad, they don’t keep scrolling, and, instead, they engage?

Use Targeted Marketing and Segmentation

Presenting your advertisement in a unique channel designated for students like school emails, you can send a customized message. It is quick, efficient, and you are able to mass communicate. You can narrow down your audience by school, year, major, gender, and much more. Be as specific as possible as you choose your target market; the category of “student” is not enough.

Talk with Real College Students

Admit that you may be too old to effectively understand a students life. This disconnect can lead to assumptions. Instead, talk to real college students or recent graduates to get insight on what really attracts them to click on that email. You may not speak their language, but you can always improve your understanding of it.

Grab Attention

As discussed above, college students are constantly bombarded with ads. Most of the time, they will not retain what they saw. Thus, it is especially important to use attention grabbing tactics when sending out college student email advertising blasts. Your ad needs to stand out against the hundreds of others in their student mailboxes. Use eye-catching graphics, unexpected features, appealing images. Speak their language.

Offer an Incentive

Students have trained themselves to disengage with most advertisements almost instantly. But most people don’t like to turn down a free award. Offer an incentive to engage the student like sales, tips on how to use your product, discount codes, etc.

…and Lastly, Short but Sweet

No one scrolling through their email is looking to read a novel. Again, keep it visually appealing, and only include the necessary details. They don’t need to know every single detail about your product right off the bat. And if they are sent long explanations, it will only lead to boredom. Don’t make them feel like you are forcing your product on them, instead, make it feel like you are inviting them to learn more…

While grabbing their attention isn’t always easy, it is necessary. These college students are exploring brands, and choosing what brands they will stick with leading into adulthood. Grab their attention now, so you don’t have to work harder to later.

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