Digital Media Strategies Targeting Students

College Newspaper Websites

Advertise on our proprietary network of college newspaper websites

Audience Targeting Strategies

Reach the right student based on past online and offline behaviors


Proprietary advertising network of college newspaper websites

Network includes over 300 websites with above-the-fold ad positions

Advertising served through our integrated ad server network

Standard banners, rich media and video ad placements available


Audience Targeting

Your advertising displayed to students audiences fitting your ideal profile

Student audiences developed from their past online behaviors, including websites visited, website registrations, and purchase history

Some examples:

  • Has interest in fashion
  • Applying medical school 
  • Applying to undergraduate engineering programs

Your tell us your audience profile and we will build a digital media strategy to deliver your messaging on target 


College Email Marketing
Email and Direct Mail

College Email Marketing in 2020

Many people believe there has been a recent decline in the effectiveness of college email marketing campaigns following the rise of social media marketing. However,

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OnCampus connects brands to college students where they live, study, work and play.

With 15 years of experience and an extensive portfolio of campus media, OnCampus creates meaningful marketing engagements on more than 2,500 campuses across the US and Canada.

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