Digital vs Personal Appearance for Gen Zs


Life Behind a Screen

In today’s day and age, social media presence can ‘make or break you’. Showing every cool aspect of your life can help you build a persona that is viewed positively by others. With the rise of COVID-19, everything became more digital than ever. Gen Zs are working from home, having virtual meetings, interacting with people for the first time strictly through a screen, etc… These factors increase the need for ensuring that one’s social media presence reveals as many positive things as possible.

As a society, we have developed an obsession with displaying a picture-perfect life. Influencers on platforms like Instagram began to gain popularity by only showing the glamorous aspects of their life. Doing so attracted the public to their page, yet in turn, caused envy. Social media has become a place for competition, a place where we are constantly trying to one-up each other.

Social Media vs The Real World

With so much happening in the world, it is hard to always have everything under control. However, one thing we do have complete control over is our social media; How we choose to portray ourselves to the public. It is easy to pretend to be happy and living our best lives by uploading a couple of good pictures. Statistics show that 20% of Americans look up their exes online and most of the time it’s to go make sure their life sucks compared to yours. Hence why Gen Zers have become consumed by prioritizing digital appearance over personal appearance. You may never bump into your ex ever again in person, yet you can constantly upload pictures of all the fun you’re having in order for them to see.

85% of Gen Zers look up to people before meeting them, and that will determine their first impression. You have no idea who is coming across your profile or who’s online stalking you. Essentially, the way you choose to portray yourself on social media is how anyone with access to the internet will perceive you.

Having An Online Presence

When it comes to our personal appearance, it still plays an important role. However, most people will already have made their first impression based on our online presence. Therefore, it reduces the stress and anxiety that comes with uncertainty and meeting someone for the first time. Prior to meeting someone, it’s easy to go through their Instagram and gather things you have in common and it’s always a conversation starter. It is easier to live up to what we put out on social media as opposed to introducing ourselves in person to someone who doesn’t know anything about us and could potentially have nothing in common with us. Don’t miss your opportunity to reach these Gen Zs through having an online presence, let us help you in grabbing their attention.


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