Email Advertising to College Students

College Email Advertising
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In the past, we have disclosed some tricks on how to target college students through email advertising. Email advertising is a marketing technique in which a potential customer is presented with promotional offers from a company, one click away! Email advertising is a must when a brand wants to target college students. Students have school emails, its low cost, and reaches a large customer base within seconds.

College Students have School Emails

Taking advantage of the fact that students have school emails, it’s a quicker and easier way to find and target them directly. Usually, school emails are easy to find because of student directories, and student clubs and organizations. However, school emails are the perfect way to target college students. They’re often looking for deals from brands and services. It’s also extremely helpful as you can reach a large community or a small community.  You can segment on your audience by school year, gender, major, clubs, and more.

Students are on the lookout for deals

If you ever went to college, you know that deals are glorified by college students. Students are always broke therefore they’re always interested in looking for student discounts. Some students use their college ID cards everywhere for deals. Of course, many brands take advantage of email advertising and clog up college students’ inbox, and that’s when our advice comes into play. You have to grab their attention by using their language, colorful and fun graphics, and offer extremely good deals. By emailing their school emails, you will successfully target college students.

Email Advertising is Inexpensive

Compared to many marketing strategies and techniques, email advertising is one of the least expensive types of marketing due to its simplicity. As it was mentioned above, college student emails are easy to find. Therefore all you need is their data and the message you want to send to your designated audience. Despite that email advertising is one of the least expensive forms of marketing, it’s proven to be effective as brands reach mobile clients.


Customization is the most important reason as to why brands should target college students through email advertising. Use a custom-made email for each campaign or audience> This creates more engagement with the potential customer as it’s more personalized. By emailing your targeted audience, you can include their names, majors, or school. By making your promotional messages personalized, you get to know your audience and they get to know your brand.


Targeting college students through email advertising can be an effective way to reach brand awareness on college campus.  Emails help generate mass distribution. As school emails are available by one search away, it’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way to target your designated audience. When targeting college students with email blasts, brands get to do it on a low cost and can even personalize it to each and every one of their customers.

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