Having An Effective Brand Ambassador

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What Makes an Effective Brand Ambassador?

As more and more universities across the country set their sights on an in-person fall semester, the hope of reaching students on college campuses rises again. Many of our on-campus media services will come in handy for upcoming fall campaigns. Specifically in regards to brand ambassadors. We predict that they will be a popular media option due to student life on campus returning . However, it’s not always plausible to go about hiring random students as brand ambassadors on campuses. With that in mind, we will be assessing what makes an effective on-campus brand ambassador in preparation for this exciting, in-person fall semester.

On-Campus Participation

With a vast brand ambassador student network, that has only increased over the years, we have come to learn what makes an effective brand ambassador. First, on-campus participation. This can include activities such as clubs, organizations, sports teams, and community service. These activities are an essential source of connections around campus and can serve many purposes when working as a brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors are more effective when they are a friendly face to other students, are personable with others, and social with everyone. On-campus participation is an excellent indicator that a student is amiable and well-known to many students on campus.

Knowing a Brand

It’s one thing to hire a student to represent your brand and its image around campus. However, what if that student is unfamiliar with the brand? What if they don’t put in the effort to familiarize themselves with the brand, therefore can’t advertise it properly to other students?

An effective brand ambassador will be willing to become acquainted with the brand. Representing it accurately with everyone they meet. Best-case scenario, they may even integrate the brand they are advertising with their own personal brand. Adding some refreshing individuality to the job. Going off of this, knowing the brand well enough also leads to more natural interactions with other students. An effective brand ambassador can make a conversation about the brand or product seem less effortless. Making the conversation more entertaining since they genuinely like and support the brand. They have their own one-of-a-kind insight about the brand that they are not afraid to share.

An effective brand ambassador can ultimately create authentic experiences. Ensure a lasting impact on the day-to-day lives of other students. Ultimately allowing those students to make their own individual connections with the brand. We currently have over 300 active brand ambassadors in our student network that we have worked with before and they are ready to represent your brand. Consider including brand ambassadors in your upcoming fall campaign plans.

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