Hire College Students

Hire College Students
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Why Companies Should Recruit College Students

Despite the high rate of unemployment caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are still struggling to find workers. This may come as a shock initially; why can’t these businesses just hire some of the millions of unemployed Americans? Because of the current environment, many job seekers have been looking for remote work. However, those are not the types of jobs available right now. According to Julia Pollack, a labor economist at ZipRecruiter, only 1 in 10 job postings in the ZipRecruiter marketplace offers remote work as an option. So the big question is, where can companies find workers willing to be flexible and work in person? The answer, hire college students.

During the Pandemic

College students may be the answer to this big question. As young workers with strong immune systems, college students are less fearful of the health consequences the coronavirus presents. They are also quick learners, eager to contribute, and are much more flexible than many, given the current conditions. Considering the in-person component of many of the jobs currently hiring, these are highly sought-after qualities. This is especially true for recruiters presently struggling to find workers. With classes still primarily remote, many college students have looked to employment to occupy their time. This makes them willing and open to working in any way they can. It could just be a match made in heaven.

In General

Many of the qualities and characteristics of college students mentioned above also make them good hires during any conditions, not just a pandemic. On top of being flexible, fast learners, they are also enthusiastic and technology savvy. Starting with their enthusiasm, college students understand how competitive something can be. If given the opportunity to work, students are willing to go the extra mile. They want to prove themselves and their ability to add value to a business. They understand that as young learners with little to no previous real-life experience, they should go above and beyond to gain that valuable experience while given the opportunity to do so.

Secondly, in the everchanging technological society that we currently live in, college students are at the forefront of understanding any new creation. Growing up with a phone or other device constantly in their hands, they can connect with others at the mere tap of a finger and across multiple mediums. They can grant a company helpful insight into social media, programming, and design. College students potentially create efficiencies in offices that need it most.

So, if you are a company currently struggling to find adaptable, eager workers during these trying times, hire college students as the answer to your problems. They can prove beneficial under any circumstance, and they possess the knowledge of new technological creations that may enhance your business.

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