Newspaper Advertising: Newspaper Subscriptions are on the Rise

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The newspaper industry is nowhere near dead – newspaper advertising is still a great way to market to consumers. According to a Nielsen study, over 169 million adults in the US now read newspapers every month in print, online and mobile, which is almost 70% of the population. Almost a quarter of this number is comprised of college students. The New York Times brought home 130,000 new subscribers last November – which is 10 times their average monthly growth rate. Wall Street Journal subscriptions spiked 300 percent, while the LA Times went up 61% and Vanity Fair landed 13,000 new subscriptions in a day. Not only are college students dedicated to their campus newspaper, but they are subscribing to local and national news sources. NPR even recently said that Big Newspapers are Booming.

Newspapers are still relevant as the younger generation tends to rely and are more comfortable with subscription based services – such as Netflix, Spotify, food boxes, productivity apps, etc. Newspapers have the capability to become a part of a college student’s daily routine, as long as they live up to delivering timely, relevant and focused content.

Therefore, it is important for your company to consider investing in newspaper advertising – placing an ad in college or local newspapers is a great way to deliver a seamless campaign. Print accompanied with online and mobile websites pack a punch for increasing awareness about your brand and promoting certain products to college students.


Additionally, according to Pew Research Center, younger people are more interested in reading the news than watching the news. This contradicts with statements that younger people prefer short-lived video when digesting content, which explains investment in Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter ads. While social media advertisements are still a valid strategy, when it comes to news, college students prefer reading newspapers. They prefer reading big newspapers online, and their campus newspapers online and in print. This information proves that newspaper advertising is a great way to connect with college students to encourage them to purchase from your brand.

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