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How Instagram Stories Help Grow Engagement

Despite only appearing for 24 hours, Instagram stories offer great features to help grow one’s engagement. Many of our social influencer campaigns will involve Instagram posts and stories to increase influencers’ engagement and reach the desired audience. Stories tend to be less pressurizing for influencers and are used/posted almost daily. They don’t blow up followers’ feeds, but they still keep users relevant and boost their visibility. Today we will be analyzing the benefits of utilizing Instagram stories in your next social influencer campaign. This includes some key features of stories that are ever-evolving. With these features Instagram is a great way to reach college students.


One of the best aspects of Instagram stories is their re-shareability. Users can add their posts, other users’ posts, and even other users’ stories to their story. For these reasons, stories have become one of the most predominant ways of spreading information on Instagram. Resharing someone else’s post/story is like the equivalent of retweeting on Twitter. You can reshare any public account’s story and any private user’s story if you are mentioned in it. And it all comes without the pressure of having to curate an in-feed post.


On top of this, there is a way around the 24-hour limit that stories typically have. You can permanently save any story you post to your profile by adding it to your story “highlights”. You can even categorize the stories by the content in them, so it is easy for your followers to find specific stories or just to browse through and engage with them when viewing your profile. With this “highlights” element, any social influencer can save a story they complete for a campaign to their profile for however long they wish.

Key Features

When creating Instagram stories, there are many features to play around with and include, even when resharing someone else’s story. You can add photos, videos, stickers, gifs, text, etc., to go along with a story. You can embed links, create polls, swipe meters, and quizzes, ask questions, add music, locations, and hashtags; the list goes on. One of the best ways of increasing engagement with one’s followers is by creating polls in which the viewer has to pick a response or asking a question for followers to answer. Users can also search for stories based on locations and hashtags, so adding these will help increase the reach and engagement of stories tremendously.


While there are many benefits of in-feed posts for social influencer campaigns, it is essential to consider the many valuable features of Instagram stories that sometimes go unmentioned. We can assist you with your Instagram needs and discuss the benefits of Instagram posts and stories for your next campaign targeting college students.

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