Social Influencers with College Students

Social Influencers with College Students

When it comes to current college students, nothing is more powerful than the effect of social media. The internet has the ability to make anything go viral within minutes and brands should begin partnering with more social influencers to take their marketing to the next level.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is a staple amongst the younger generation. It has become an essential form of communication and scrolling through their feed is part of their everyday routine. A large portion of people who essentially ‘lead’ Instagram is known as social influencers. These are people who get paid to promote any kind of product or service. They are so successful in doing so, that they are able to attract a large number of consumers. Social influencers are also captivating to teens and college students because they are always going to be relatable to someone. Whether it be a shared hobby or taste in a product, teens are at the stage where they’re trying to figure out who they are and what their goal is. Having someone to look up to that they can also relate to can make that process somewhat easier.

Since teens are still developing and discovering who they are, they tend to be much more impressionable. Therefore, seeing their favorite ‘influencer’ raving about how much they love a product is going to instantly make them want to try it. As opposed to seeing an ad about the product on its own. Teens find a sense of comfort in these influencers. They develop a trust in them that can be incredibly beneficial.

Establishing Credibility

It is time for Brands to begin focusing on finding credible and reliable influencers. Influencer marketing manifests itself in many different ways. Celebrity endorsements have been happening for a long time, but something about influencers who are very active and engage with their audience seems to be much more effective. When following a very popular celebrity, there is a big gap in terms of relatability. They don’t tend to show much of their private life and they don’t create as much of a bond with their followers. Social influencers, however, put the majority of their life on the internet and they appear to live a much more mundane and relatable life. This is what tends to attract an audience.

Brands should focus more on partnering with social influencers because they can easily access a tailor-made audience. For example, if a makeup brand collaborates with a social influencer who uploads regular makeup tutorials, they will instantly reach their exact target market. As stated earlier, followers have a built-up trust in these influencers and will be drawn to the product right away. This results in increased credibility for a brand because if their favorite influencer loves the product, it MUST be good. Another benefit of social influencers is their incredible content-making skills which is what brings in an audience. As a brand, it is tough to come up with new marketing campaigns and keep them equally as engaging and entertaining, so leaving it in the hands of someone who makes content for a living is a weight off your shoulders.

Slow but Steady Wins the Race

Lastly, social influencers have built up a large and loyal following, and partnering with them as a brand will instantly boost your visibility and in turn, boost your sales. In order to create a strong relationship with the younger generation, it is important to ensure that you are partnering with the right influencer. Someone who accurately represents the brand and can draw in the right consumer.

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