Study Shows That Most College Students Read Their Campus Newspaper

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It is a common misconception that young people (ages of 18 and 24) never pick up the newspaper. Being on a college campus would dispel this notion completely.

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According to a new study, college students are interested in reading the news and they are getting it from their college newspapers: Seventy-seven percent of undergraduates surveyed said they read the print edition of their campus paper at least once each month and 57% read it online.

This survey is reliable too, with more than 7,500 people participating in the survey, ranging from undergraduates, alumnae, parents, graduate students, recent graduates, and faculty.

The study found that readers — 90% of those surveyed — go to campus newspapers to get local, campus news. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they read the campus paper for opinions and commentary. Forty-one percent read the paper for entertainment while 37% read it for sports.

Because readership is so strong for student newspapers on college campuses, OnCampus Advertising provides our clients with many ways to get in touch with readers through their college newspaper.Explore all of the ways we get your message across through campus media online today!

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