The Advantages of Brand Ambassadors Promoting Your Product or Service

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A brand ambassador is a person that is hired to drive consumer interest in your product, service, brand or concept.  They directly interact with potential customers and are able to give you more “feet on the street” without the extra cost of hiring employees all over the country.

columbia_college_chicago__3__w640If you are trying to decide what sort of university advertising you are interested in doing, here are some of the advantages of having brand ambassadors:

  • They provide information to potential customers through a one on one interaction
  • They make your product, service, brand or concept appealing to consumers
  • Increase the awareness of your product, service, brand or concept to consumers
  • They create an association between the product, service, brand or concept and a particular idea in the consumer’s mind.
  • They can hand out samples, flyers or a small gift of a product, service, brand or concept
  • The consumer’s awareness of the product, service, brand or concept is usually more greatly affected by the live person-to-person experience.

All of our brand ambassadors are professionally trained on your product or service before they begin their college campus marketing of your brand.  Candidates are pre-screened to meet an established demographic profile specific for your campaign.  You have the ability to select brand ambassadors with specific skill sets or you can use models.

You can also request, for example, that they wear a costume or a certain type of clothing that is in accordance to the image you are trying to portray.

Brand ambassadors are a great option if you are thinking of marketing to students because they can be strategically placed in high traffic areas on campus to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Please contact us if you are interested in using a brand ambassador for your campus marketing.

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