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College newspapers offer an engaging and relevant format for advertisers to directly reach college students on specific university campuses

Almost all two and four year universities publish a student newspaper on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These publications are written by students for students and have rich engaging content covering the spectrum of all campus activities and news. The Newspapers 1newspapers are mostly independent organizations staffed predominately by students with some full time professional staff. The papers finance themselves through display and online advertising enabling the publication to largely maintain their independence from the school administration and possible influence on their editorial content.

Student newspapers vary considerably by publication format (broadsheet or tabloid), circulation, publication schedule, display advertising sizes & rates, online banner sizes & rates, and numerous special editions.  A rep firm like OnCampus Advertising will be able to share this information with you.

Student newspaper advertising, both print and online, enables national and local advertisers to promote their brands through a traditional print or online medium. National studies have shown that 78% of students have read at least one of the last five issues of their college newspaper and spend 13.1 minutes reading the paper. For college online advertising, 19% of students have visited their student newspaper website each month. Both forms of advertising are very effective for reaching students.

OnCampus Advertising is a ten-year-old college marketing and media service company. OnCampus tracks over 1,500 student newspapers through their propriety database and assists both large Fortune 500 to small non-profits with their college media programming.

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