2018 Mobile Marketing Innovations

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A mobile-first approach should be a no-brainer with over 70% of Internet searches and purchases worldwide are regularly done on a mobile device. Today’s internet marketer needs to effectively reach customers during their micro-moments, the times when they reach for their smartphone to look up exactly what they need. Here are some mobile marketing innovations to help boost your strategy:


  1. Augmented reality to enhance micro-moments

While virtual reality creates an immersive experience, it is expensive to create, maintain and download. Augmented reality enhances and supports real-life environments by placing virtual elements onto them, providing greater value for a lower price point. Augmented reality is more than just finding ATMs near you: it can anticipate and deliver what the customer wants in their micro-moment, before being explicitly asked.

  1. Progressive web apps to relieve mobile annoyances

Clearing space on a smartphone to download an app, waiting for the app to download, and waiting for a website that just won’t load on a mobile screen are just some of the minor annoyances of smartphone usage. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are light HTML web pages that look and feel like apps, but they alleviate these technical hurdles.

  1. Moving images to capture attention

Most users like to engage with moving content over static content, whether it be through video, checklists, quizzes, and even GIFs. Every day, users watch a billion hours on YouTube or watch over 8 billion videos on Facebook, and 2/3 of all this video watching is done on a smartphone. Integrating movement of animations, recordings, live streams or moving text is a great way to capture users’ attention. Consider overlaying moving images with typography to highlight major selling points or enabling clickable add-ons for individual customers.

  1. Chatbots on messaging apps to create relationships

According to Forbes, over 85% of customer support interactions will be performed by chatbots. Instead of waiting for the customers to ask questions, chatbots on major messaging apps can engage customers and answer their questions exactly when they need it. By inviting customers to chat, you can directly engage with potential and repeat buyers.

  1. User generated content to share the fun

User generated content is a great way to let your customers share their experiences and promote your product at the same time. User-generated videos or images demonstrates how your product works, the results and the satisfaction overall. People tend to trust their peers over brand messaging.

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