College Campus Marketing with Bulletin Board Posters

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 When you take a tour of the nearest college campus, it’ a great way to get some exercise because you end up doing a lot of walking. Rare are the campuses that allow you to drive to every building. Most have large plazas and ample sidewalks that connect various departments and buildings. Typically, you need to leave your car in the visitor parking lot and walk several minutes before reaching a building. This is a reflection of just how big most college campuses are and why you should use bulletin board posters when advertising to college students.

College Campus MarketingPut up such advertisements in strategic locations and they will be seen by hundreds (or even thousands) of college students on a daily basis. Some of the better locations are on the large bulletin boards typically found in the Student Union or, where possible, on outdoor bulletin boards that flank major campus walkways. Posters should also be placed on the bulletin boards in the buildings of every department. As students walk through the halls (and especially while they wait to enter classrooms), they will certainly notice your ads.

In addition to college newspaper advertising, bulletin board posters are an excellent, easy means of connecting with college students. To learn more about this and other effective marketing strategies,contact us online, or call OnCampus at 617-523-9801 today.

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