3 Rules to Marketing to Students Via Social Media

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With over 21 million students entering colleges every year, it is important to reach them at the start of the school year as well as through the full calendar year. Just as important as advertising products directly to college students, advertisers need to become involved in the student’s lives via social media.

Media Post suggests 3 rules to successfully connect with college students.  Firstly, it is crucial to create a 360- connection. Gone are the days where simply marketing on one media platform would grab the attention of consumers. With the rise of more and more media platforms, it is imperative to connect with students not just online, but in person where they can get a hands on feel for a product.

When advertising to college students, it is important to move fast and be straightforward. Since college students are such a targeted demographic, they are continually bombarded with advertising. Make sure that you clearly communicate your service or product in the simplest way possible – students have busy lives and are quick to disregard a product all together if they do not understand its value. In addition, do not market by telling students what you THINK they want to hear. Be sure to stay authentic as they can easily sense real from fake.

Lastly, be aware that social media is not just a medium to publish ideas, but can be an important tool to help you listen the college crowd. Pay attention to what they have to say on these sites and in turn you will better understand the crowd you are targeting.

OnCampus Advertising understand marketing to students includes listening to students and build that 360 connection. Whether it is through college newspaper, online, or out-of-home marketing, we find the best advertising mix to target college students at their respective universities. OnCampus Advertising also connects social programs to traditional marketing strategies for a whollistic approach.

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