3 Tips for Advertising to Generation Z

Advertising to Generation Z
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Generation Z, people born between 1995 and 2015, are rapidly taking over the consumer population. Forbes magazine stated in an article, “Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020”. As this generation starts to take over the consumer market, we have to identify their characteristics and habits in order to best reach them. College advertisers need to focus their advertising to Generation Z 

Generation Z has grown up alongside Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. People born within the Gen Z time period either saw social media platforms come alive or grew up waiting to join in. They are by far the most tech-savvy compared to other generations. Kids under the age of 10 are better at using technology than some adults. This generation is growing up with social media in the palm of their hands. Everything they do is online and almost everyone they interact with is through a screen. Advertisers have to use social media to their advantage in order to tap into the Gen Z market. There are many ways to capture their attention, here are 3 tips that provide some insight.

Be Direct

Generation Z makes quick decisions. With the emergence of tools like one-click purchasing, and the rate at which people scroll through their media pages, the time spent focusing on one topic continues to decrease. It’s becoming harder and harder to hold the attention of consumers, specifically when advertising to Generation Z. In order to get the point across, advertisers need to be short and sweet with their message. Statistics show that advertisers have a mere 8 seconds to get their message through to consumers, which means there’s only time to be direct.

Entertain and Experience

With a generation that spends hours looking at memes and 5 second videos of people doing just about anything, advertisers have to find a way to excite and entertain their consumers. In order to capture the attention of generation Z, ads have to be engaging and often times hilarious. If a consumer remembers the ad, even for its outrageousness and not for the actually product being marketed, that is considered a success. If the consumer is entertained by the ad, they will subconsciously remember the product too. By making an experience for the consumer, it creates a memory and will enable a stronger chance of the consumer buying the product.


Everything in today’s world can be customized for the individual. From custom sneakers, to Instagram pages, to Bitmojis, and more. Generation Z represents themselves however they want. It is important when advertising to this generation, that businesses focus on making consumers feel as special as possible. While advertising to Generation Z, don’t target them as a whole. Generation Z wants to feel like you’re talking to them individually. The more advertisers can tailor the experience for each consumer, the better.

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