3 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

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When thinking about marketing strategies don’t sweep email under the rug. People who buy products via email spend 138% more than those who didn’t receive email offers, and 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. Email is still a great way to market towards millennials, so here are three tips to help improve your email marketing strategies.

Use Consumer Behaviors to Personalize Email

  • 90% of online shoppers find it helpful to be alerted when frequently purchased items go on sale.
  • 72% are willing to receive more emails if they feature weekly sales, top sellers and new products.
  • 84% of online consumers who signed up to receive promotional emails want emails to contain products relevant to their purchasing history.
  • 69% are willing to share personal preference data in order to receive emails more relevant to them.

Personalization motivates consumers to increase brand loyalty and release more information that will then encourage future interactions. If a consumer feels as though a company is using their information just to sell more to them, the consumer perceives them as “value-less” and unworthy.

Increase Open Rates with Compelling Subject Lines

Finding ways to grab attention when it comes to email marketing is vital, especially with high deletion rates. Creative subject lines with an emotional tie are a great way to grab the reader. If the reader thinks the email is spam or simply contains irrelevant information, they will not open it. Make sure to grab them before it is too late.

Use Email To Engage With Relevancy

According to the DMA’s National Client Email Survey 2014, a 760 percent increase in email revenue came from segmented emails. Move away form generic messaging and engage in targeted and personalized communication. Abandoned cart emails are proven to increase monthly email revenue as proven by Alex and Ani’s 73% lift. Remind customers of their wish list as well as recommend new products for future purchases.

Statistics taken from http://customerthink.com/3-tips-to-improve-your-email-marketing-effectiveness/

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