4 Ways to Build Your Brand Ambassador Campaign

August 20, 2011. Chapel Hill, NC.
American Eagle student
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Unlike social media influencers, brand ambassadors aren’t people who started their social media accounts with a specific theme in mind, accrued followers with a certain hashtag or by following similar accounts. Brand ambassadors are natural consumers with following of real-life friends and peers who trust their opinion. Eighty-three percent of consumers surveyed by a Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report said they trusted their friends recommendations and were also more likely to discuss products offline with friends than to contact a micro-influencer. Here are some ways to build a brand ambassador campaign to promote your brand.


  1. Reach out to competitors’ social media followers

Research which followers frequently like or comment on competitors’ social media accounts and reach out to them. Look into brands or services that are similar to your own and seek out active commenters and likers to establish rapport with them.

  1. Develop a consistent online presence

In today’s digital society, every company is required to have a well-branded Instagram and Facebook page. It is important to respond promptly and engage in followers through conversation. Developing an ambassador program needs to be rolled out on every channel you feature. Consistency is crucial: according to a survey by SDL, 90% of participants said they expect brand interactions to be consistent, no matter what platform they are on. Send out emails to your subscribers and stay engaged with it by writing and communicating with your audience regularly. Use your emails to point out any current brand ambassador programs and include specific follow-up actions for those subscribers who have demonstrated interest.

  1. Feature success stories

Highlight any success stories with your brand from current customers or brand ambassadors in order to attract people to want to represent you as well. Reward brand ambassadors who are going above and beyond recruiting customers through shout-outs or friendly competition contests. For example, the men’s short-shorts brand Chubbies relies on young, male social media brand ambassadors to spread the word. The company gives their ambassadors weekly outreach and content challenges in which winners receive swag as rewards.

  1. Keep current ambassadors interested

Brands should build solid frameworks to keep ambassadors invested in the company and its mission so they stay involved and eager to keep advocating for it. Make any rewards brand-specific, any coupons, gift cards or merchandise should all be from your company, not a third party. Brand merchandise acts not only as an advertisement, but can also encourage ambassadors’ friends to follow their lead and join the team.

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