5 Keys for Brand Ambassadors


Connecting with any target market can have its challenges. Connecting with younger target markets presents new challenges and new solutions have been developed to supplement new needs. Brand ambassadors have been adopted to reach out to target markets, especially college and high school students. Fostering an environment where consumers identify with others as much as they identify with a brand is an effective way to capitalize on this younger demographic.



Brand ambassadors provide a personalized means to advertise. Equipped with company gear, brand ambassadors spread brand awareness. Whether in the quad, school buildings, or on social media, brand ambassadors are able to connect with their contemporaries on a more personalized level. The added human element of this interaction creates a more sincere promotion of your brand.



Whether it is a classmate, acquaintance, fellow member of Greek life, or likeminded participant in a club, friend groups gravitate towards brands that are already accepted. When interacting with a brand ambassador, familiarity with an individual can be transferred to a brand.



Brand ambassadors are the personification of a brand’s image. Finding the special leader who can embody your company’s ideals can be hard, but doing the due diligence is well worth the time. Whether already in a leadership position or not, brand ambassadors turn into a spokesman for your company. This transformation, in personal image, demands that brand ambassadors display strong intangible qualities.



After finding a strong leader who can connect with peers and identify with your company’s image, it is the job of the brand ambassador to develop a relationship based on trust with those with whom they interact. A consumer trusting the brand ambassador correlates to that consumer trusting your company. If the brand ambassador appears to be an insincere representation of your company, then consumers will be put off and lose faith in your marketing of your product.

Brand Loyalty:

Connecting with your target market through the use of brand ambassadors is just the first step to gaining a loyal customer. The brand ambassador has portrayed an image of your product. At this point, providing a product that is in line with that image is a mandate. Successful delivery of the good or service will determine the satisfaction of the customer. A satisfied customer will not only provide repeat business, but will also become an advocate of your product to his or her friends.

Although statistics vary, there is a general consensus that somewhere between 70% and 90% of all consumer purchases are influenced by others.Understanding that marketing factors such as word of mouth and reviews on social media can play such a contributing factor in consumer behavior is important, when connecting to a demographic that is constantly communicating online. OnCampus Advertising can help you set-up the right brand ambassador program to capitalize on reaching your younger demographic.

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