Advantages of Transit Marketing

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Transit advertising is an effective strategy to reach many students and increase brand awareness on college campuses. Here are a few advantages of transit marketing:


The extended time of exposure to a transit advertisement is one of the major benefits. Commute times to get to and from campus, and to dorms and off-campus apartments is enough time for your message to sink in. Because the audience is essentially a captive one with nowhere else to go and not much to do while waiting for public transportation, riders are more likely to read ads more than once. Additionally, transit advertisements expose your brand and message to a substantial amount of viewers. Especially in large cities, college students are always using public transportation to get around campus, or to go to and from different destinations.


Because the daily routines of going on the bus, subway or train to go to class or work, riders are exposed to transit advertisements more frequently. For example, if a person rides the subway to work and back every day, in one month the person would have the opportunity to see the advertisement about 20-40 times. The location of the shelters or stops also add to the high frequency of exposure. Therefore, it would be ideal for marketers to place their ad on shelters on or near campus that many students walk to and from every weekday or weekend.


Many students go on public transportation to get to shopping areas or places where they would spend money. Having your advertisement promoting your product or service on or around a particular local shopping area is a timely communication aspect.

Geographic location.

For local business in particular, transit marketing provides an opportunity to reach the target segment of the millennial population. Purchasing a bus shelter or an ad on a bus on college campuses or around cities with large college student populations is an easy way to expose your brand to the specific segment of college students you want to market to.

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