Advertising To College Students With Guerrilla Marketing

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 When marketing to college students, a number of strategies should be utilized. The college campus is the place to connect with and sell to students but just placing a few ads here and there will not pack nearly as much punch as utilizing “guerrilla marketing” tactics.

College Campus AdvertisingGuerrilla marketing (street teams) immediately engages your target demo with a custom flyer, product sample or coupon which results in a one to one connection with your brand. It is the most direct and effective way to introduce your product or service to students and get them to interact with it.

The college campus is a perfect place to put guerrilla marketing into practice due to the dynamic atmosphere, abundance of open-minded young people, and the ease in which information disseminates virally across the campus. In other words, reach students on their own terms by connecting with them as they go to class or head to lunch at one of the campus cafeterias. Your brand will be memorable as no one else is making the effort to connect on such a personal level.

Contact David Page at or by phone at 617-523-9801 to learn more about how OnCampus Advertising can help you incorporate guerrilla marketing into your campus marketing strategies.

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