Back-To-School College Students Deals

College Back-To-School Deals
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The stereotype of cheap and thrifty college students is alive and well. Last fall OnCampus Advertising conducted a survey in coordination with independent survey company WhatsGoodly. The results show discounts and other types of deals are still a big concern for college students when they’re completing their back-to-school shopping.


The survey results found that the purchase habits of 93% of respondents are at least partially affected by coupons. Additionally, coupons affect the purchase decisions “all the time for everything I buy,” for 22% of the respondents. This provides clear indication that college students care significantly about getting the best possible deal.

Students reviewed list of factors one may consider when choosing a retailer for back-to-school shopping. Prices or discounts were the most heavily chosen option at 30%. This narrowly edged out quality of products, which was chosen by 29%. Other factors included flexible return policies (4%), ability to buy online (3%), personalized offers (1%) and many more. In fact, prices and discounts was chosen more than that the 8 least chosen options combined, out of just 11 options. This highlights just how important price can be for college students.

Students then chose between 4 different deal options. Nearly half of college students chose a traditional 20% off deal as their preferred choice. Another 41% chose a buy 1 get 1 free deal. Just a combined 12% of respondents chose either redeem for a free gift or rewards points. These results indicate that college students want more immediate deals on the products they’re buying now, rather than receiving extras or deals further down the line.

To learn more about these figures and other statistics about college students’ back-to-school spending, request our the full results of our College Students Back-to-School Survey

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