Back to School Marketing Series: Advantages of Print Advertising

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msu_favorite_fans_w640Students will return for a new school year armed with the latest gadgets, laptops, and smart phones. However, despite all these technologies, millennials still gravitate towards their college newspaper to obtain their campus news. Print advertising is far from dead, and with college newspapers getting ready for the return to classes, now is the time to start a print advertising campaign. Not sold on the impact of print advertising? Here are some advantages of the print ads.

Print maintains an aura of seriousness.

People tune into what college newspapers have to say, especially during interviews of sports team members or features on students that have done something newsworthy. It is a big deal for students to see their names or others’ names in print, whether it’s promotional or editorial in nature. Therefore, print exudes an aura of tangible seriousness that doesn’t translate to online. Print also has a more expansive reach because stories can be shared with parents and family, who in turn will end up reading the newspaper or online version and seeing the ads in it.

Print is proven to sway its audience.

According to AS Advertising, “influentials” – young people who convince other people to buy products, are swayed by print advertising, with 61% affected by magazine advertising and 53% affected by print advertising.

Its readers are focused.

As opposed to the clutter of browsing the web with a variety of tabs open and links available for distraction, print readers are solely focused on the content of what they are reading and are more receptive to the advertising around them. Folio Magazine reported that a study done at Ball State University found that when consumers use magazines or newspapers, they are the primary or exclusive medium 85% of the time.

It offers ad buyers flexibility and more personal attention.

When businesses work with student newspapers, they are more likely to personally speak with someone who works at the newspaper who can help them tailor ads to a certain budget based on the different advertisement sizes. Therefore, businesses will be able to work with students knowledgeable of the print newspapers to assist them with what ad size and during what time and issue will be most effective for their campaign.

Contact us at OnCampus Advertising for more assistance on developing your print advertising campaign today.

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