Back to School Marketing Series: Four Simple Rules to Engage College Students


Picture2As the advertising noise starts to increase as businesses are readying up to attract the millions of students gearing up to start or go back to school, it can be difficult for businesses to find and stick with key rules that relate to every college marketing campaign. Here are the must-know strategies proven to engage college students as the back to school season gets in full swing.

Incorporate humor into your message.

Students are drawn to advertisements that make them laugh and prompt them to share it with their friends. Crafting humor into a message that toes the line between appropriate and inappropriate is a challenge among itself, but when executed correctly, it is an effective way to get your brand noticed and talked about by college students. For more serious brands and products, it can be especially difficult to add humor to a campaign or advertisement, but adding small touches of humor on social media pages or print ads is an efficient way to serve as a change of pace and expand your reach.

Optimize the popularity and omnipresence of mobile.

Students spend an overwhelming amount of time on their mobile devices every day, which makes the email-marketing and mobile marketing outlet a crucial one to pursue. The most important step every business should take to adapt in the mobile world is make your website mobile friendly. Go above and beyond by adding on buttons that share links to contests, promotions, and more information about your company, its message, and how it was founded.

Decorate social media with content they want to see.

Students are accustomed to seeing the usual social media filled with photos and discounts, promoted events, and two-way communication. While the content of these posts may be enough to prompt college students to follow your business on social media, the way to really attract their attention is to capture a piece of what their life on campus is like and relate it to your brand or service. Tune into what students like and do on campus – from throwing Frisbees around on the quad, to sneaking off for a coffee break in the library, and incorporate it with your message into your posts.

Keep it real.

In Business Insider’s Five Tips for Marketing to College Students, students surveyed acknowledged that authenticity is an important aspect to effective college marketing. Although students are always interested in discovering “the next big thing”, they are quick to back away from something that is bogus. Instead of focusing on creating a cool image for your brand, stay true to the core value of your brand. There is no need to create a façade for your brand in order to make it popular, instead focus on how students react to your brand and how it is perceived on campus, and then implement marketing strategies that fit with these perceptions.

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