Back to School Marketing Series: How to Market to Greek Life Students

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Greek life is an omnipresent aspect of college that is as historic and traditional as college itself. Nine million college students around the nation are members of a Greek organization. For many businesses, Greek life students are the perfect target demographic – they have money, are influenced by their fellow sisters and brothers, and attend many college events in large groups. Here are some tips on how to efficiently market to the largest and unified demographic on college campuses.

Get in their territory.

College Greeks have an extremely busy schedule all year; therefore businesses looking to attract the attention of Greeks need to get into their schedule. Visit and partner with their local philanthropy events, attend weekly chapter meetings and set up a booth at fall rush events to obtain recognition for your brand and showcase why they should want your product.

Focus on getting their peers to market for you.

Friend and peer recommendation is the number one persuasion method to get people to buy a certain product. Because Greeks have at least a hundred people they trust in their chapter, it is essential for businesses to let the students market for you. Brand ambassador programs are a great way to get Greeks talking and recommending your brand and product.

Keep your marketing strategies real and simple.

College students aren’t susceptible to gimmicks, and Greeks are no different. Offer deals that aren’t too gimmicky but provide them with enough incentive to buy a product. For example, a coupon for free or discounted rush shipping in the fall would be beneficial to Greeks looking to get gifts for their little or group orders for the chapter.

Build long-lasting relationships.

Once you have sold your product to the Greeks, it is important to keep them coming back for more.JusCollege, a business specialized in student travel and the entertainment market, built a strong loyal customer following by doing business with Greeks on multiple occasions throughout the year. From fraternity and sorority formals, local philanthropy events, spring break, and music festivals, the company maintains strong contact with their customers and is available to suit any of their entertainment needs throughout the year.

Contact us at OnCampus Advertising for more information on how to market to college Greeks, and to start your advertising campaign today.

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