The Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a widely used and extremely cost-friendly marketing channel,

which has the ability to spread information to college students quickly and

effectively. Here are the top benefits of email marketing, according to the 2017

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Report.

1. Generating more leads

Encouraging consumers/potential consumers to subscribe to your brand’s emailing

list or sending out emails to students on campus is one way to generate leads.

College students check their email daily – it is a part of their daily routine of

checking all the apps on their smartphones. Another way to generate more potential

customers is through encouraging your current subscribers to forward or share

email with friends by offering a discount or shout-out on social media.

2. Higher sales

If all the students who received your email were to become a customer of your

product or service, your company would make a lot of money. Unfortunately, not all

students are guaranteed to even click on emails sent out by brands. However, one

strategy to increase sales while maintaining a very targeted audience would be

through email list segmentation. Segmentation is a process that allows your brand

to craft and tailor specific messages to the right customer at the right time.

Segmentation can be based on gender, age, year in college, nationality, involvement

in different clubs on campus, and more.

3. Lower marketing costs

If budget is tight, email marketing is the effective, low-cost solution. There are a lot

of email marketing tools to measure data and effectiveness, many of which offer free

or low-cost trials or base levels of the features and functionality needed to properly

measure and compare campaigns.

4. Finding better-quality leads

The last thing your brand wants to do is waste time on consumers that aren’t

interested. Marketing products or services requires a lead-qualification system:

what qualifies a customer worth pursuing. Email marketing is a lead-qualifying

system in itself because through it, it measures interest from the fact that they

subscribed to be on the mailing list. It then shows their open rate and their click to

open rate.

5. Pairs well with other channels

Integrated marketing is a powerful tool that should be in every marketer’s arsenal.

One of the best integrations with email is with social media. Your emails should

include social media icons, sharable content from website/mobile, and promotions

to share when customers give a referral.

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