Benefits of an In-depth College Advertising Campaign

College Advertising Campaign
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To reach college students a comprehensive advertising campaign is more effective than a single tactic. The rise of the Internet and Social Media has allowed for more ways than ever to advertise. Yet too many brands continue to be unwilling to explore the many different options that are available to them. While every brand will have different needs, focusing too much on one or a couple forms of advertising can lead you to miss out on potential customers and lose out on possible market share. This is particularly true when targeting college students. Students are consuming more media than ever and are being exposed to advertisements in more ways than ever. Here’s why your college advertising strategy should touch on a variety of mediums.

Cut Through The Noise

Today’s college students see advertisements in almost every area of their life. With so much constantly being shown to them, not everything’s going to register. Certain ads will better stick in people’s brains, while others may not. Advertising in multiple formats is a good way to stand out in an increasingly crowded landscape.

Reach More Potential Customers

It goes without saying, but: more advertising means more people getting exposure to your brand. Beyond mere exposure, this can also help with potential recall. Different people react differently to various types of advertisements. Some may be more receptive to an ad on their mobile device. Others may be more likely to pay attention to posters they see around their campus. Taking multiple approaches allows you to reach a greater number of people.


Repetition is a powerful tool in advertising. In fact, many believe consumers have to view an ad upwards of 7 times before deciding to make a purchase. Pushing your ads in various formats will improve the chances that people will see them multiple times. This will lead to more consumers remembering your ad and in turn more purchases. In addition, seeing the ad in different formats helps it still feel somewhat fresh, despite the repetitious viewing of the ad. An advertising campaign to college students needs to reach students multiple times to be effective.

Improve Brand Recognition

If you’re looking to improve recognition of your brand, sticking to just one ad format isn’t the best way. Adding variety to your media strategy puts your brand’s name in more places and will be seen by more people. This is an important way to improve brand recognition and perception. Seeing a brand in varying ad formats normalizes your brand’s presence to consumers. This increases the chances they will make your product or service a part of their lives.

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