Benefits of College Newspaper Advertising

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 There are many benefits to advertising in college newspapers. Combining the ability of a broad campaign with a more targeted program, college newspapers offer the flexibility to accomplish multiple marketing goals. The following are the general advantages of advertising in newspapers as well as benefits specific to college student newspaper advertising:

Audience and Reach

One of the biggest advantages of newspaper advertising is that the newspaper reader demographic embodies a wide range of consumers. According to Mansi Media, newspapers attract readers of all ages – 58.2% of adults 18-34, 71.8% of adults 35 or older and 76.2% of adults 55 or older.  Newspapers also offer the broadest reach of any mass medium. In fact, an average issue of a daily newspaper reaches more adults than an average half-hour of prime-time television.[1]

While college student newspapers have a much smaller age range, it is clear that people between the ages 18-34 still read print placements. College newspapers are available at campuses of a variety of sizes, regions and specialty, so it is a great medium to hit a broad cross section of the student market.


One of the primary benefits of newspaper advertising is that newspapers offer a variety of ways to target a particular audience.  Advertisers can target by zip code or utilize a niche publication to target a certain ethnic group. In addition to this, one can target audiences based on events such as a specific season, geographic area or college.

The above holds true for college student newspaper advertising. Instead of targeting zip codes, you have the ability to target specific campuses. If you are trying to recruit engineers, you can target universities that boast strong engineering programs. Additionally, you could target specific regions if you are local chain that is focused in the Southeast.


Another selling point for newspaper advertising is the fact that newspaper campaigns can be tailored to any budget. For example, this traditional medium offers a variety of ad sizes to fit your budget ad goals, from a one-column-inch ad to full-page ads to double-truck (two full-page ads that are side by side) ads. Furthermore, newspaper advertising is typically less expensive than TV and internet advertising.

College newspaper advertising placements are less expensive than the majority of print options. If you are targeting 18-21 year olds, you will save money by running your ad in a college newspaper instead of a local metro publication. Additionally, by focusing on student publications, your ad will more likely be seen by college students than if you had placed the insertion in the local print publication.

Flexibility & Timeliness

Newspapers offer enormous flexibility in content and frequency. Unlike most other forms of media, newspapers allow the advertiser to develop an ad in any size. Additionally, you can easily schedule a campaign around your key selling cycle with newspaper advertising.

While college student newspapers run less frequently than a standard metro, you can still time your desired placements around key events and special issues. Many schools have special back-to-school, holiday shopping, and graduation issues that are perfect for promoting a retail product.

Impact and Effectiveness

Newspaper advertising has proven to be consistently effective over time. Regular weekly sections offer opportunities to target like-minded readers in an environment that supports your message. For instance, imagine that you are an athletic wear company interested in advertising to a local college. You could have the ad placed in the sports section, which is where your target demographic would most likely be tuned in to. In addition to this, newspaper inserts, on average, are kept in homes for 3 or more days (62 percent keep them 3 or more days).[2]

College student newspapers also have the added benefit of a high pass along readership. Students tend to read the issue and then leave a copy in a classroom or a common area, where another student will pick it up. This increases the overall reach of a campaign.

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