Why Brand Ambassadors Could Be Your Best Strategy to Engage College Students

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A brand ambassador is a person who promotes your brand to their personal network in order to boost awareness and sales. Most of the time, brand ambassadors are assumed to be celebrities, or someone with high influence or recognition. While this type of influencer marketing is still popular, not all brands have the money to spend to invest in them. However, especially when marketing to college students, recruiting peers to become brand ambassadors is a great channel to market your brand or product.

When you have a great product, brand, service and/or work environment, people are more excited to talk about it organically and spread the message through conversations with friends. By recruiting college ambassadors to work for your brand, they will establish themselves as essential to growing your business. Here are some results brand ambassadors have on businesses looking to target college students:


  1. Increase social reach of potential customers

The most obvious benefit of brand ambassadors is that they essentially widen the pool of potential customers you can reach. A Nielsen study discovered that 84% of people trust recommendations from friends, family, coworkers and other peers over other forms of marketing. While you are still able to reach college audiences through other channels, the voices of your customers, employees and brand ambassadors resonate more with their own personal networks.

  1. Levels up leads and their quality

Relating to the Nielsen statistic, employees’ social followers are seven times more likely to convert on your company content than other types of leads are. For the majority of businesses, increasing the number of leads is a top goal next to growing revenue and sales. With a team of college brand ambassadors engaging with their personal networks, your brand is hitting an exponentially larger audience. However, the quantity of leads does not matter so much as the quality. Because college ambassadors are engaging with your brand and displaying the trust they have it in, their peers will find it more authentic and relevant. Your company looks even more respected, trusted and loved with college ambassadors.

  1. Minimizes paid advertising spend

While enabling brand ambassadors can be an organic process, it is likely to invest in some sort of brand, customer or employee advocacy tool. Although this platform isn’t free, it is still cheaper than paid advertising. It can be challenging to convince customers to buy a product or service or trust in a brand through an online advertisement. Pairing traditional advertising with brand ambassadors is a great way to promote a positive impression once the awareness is out there. Paid advertising paired with ambassador advertising strongly reinforces its effectiveness.

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