Building an Effective Campus Ambassador Program

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Campus ambassador programs are on fire right now in the marketing world to say the least.  Brand or campus ambassadors can be a great tool for college marketing if followed out correctly.  Students can much more easily relate to their peers about a product than they can relate to a computer screen or a picture with an irrelevant stranger on it. OnCampus Advertising has first-handedly experienced successful CA programs and has witnessed the positive affect that they can have on college campuses. With our expertise in this field along with these simple steps you too can create the ultimate CA program.

1)      Choose the right colleges and universities

Start with a test pilot program in order to ensure that you have a solid process in place before you expand nationally.  Take a look at the data from your applicant tracking system in order to understand where the majority of your hires came from; you will also be able to see trends and identify your target schools.

2)      Identify your target market

Pinpoint what type of student would be ideal for your company in terms of involvement on campus and education.  It is important to become aware of programs and clubs offered on campus where these types of students can be found.

3)      Establish and maintain on-campus presence

It is seen far too often when companies come to college campuses and post positions, attend career fairs, and host interviews as well as information sessions.  While this is a good start, it is pivotal to move above and beyond these mundane rituals.  Try sponsoring student competitions and look at advertising in student newspapers, directories, and other publications.

4)      Utilize social marketing, like social networking and referrals

You want to solicit referrals among the campus community; whether this is from grad assistants, student organization leaders, or tutors using connections on campus is a vital aspect of having a successful brand ambassador program.

5)      Hire the right campus ambassadors

The idea around a successful CA program, is hiring the “poster child” for your target audience.  This person needs to be relatable and one that can promote the product with ease.  If they feel forced or the product does not suite them, this will transpire to your target audience and will have a negative effect on your campaign.

6)      Train, train and train

This seems self-explanatory, but it can’t be stated enough; make sure your CAs know what to do and how to do it. Make them comfortable with their job, the company, and the product.  If you pick the right CA they will already feel comfortable on their campus and all of this will follow with ease.

7)      Mentor and provide feedback

Weekly check-ins are key to maintaining a successful CA program.  Don’t just set your CA free with no direction or guidance.  Answer questions before they turn into big issues.

8)      Reward results

Incentive-based programs spark ambition and productivity.  Get creative with this and you will see the fire burning in your CAs eyes.

Campus or Brand Ambassadors can be a pivotal aspect of your college campaign.  They offer a relatable side of marketing that is sometimes lacking in many promotions.  If you follow these steps, your CA program is guaranteed to make a positive impact. Good luck and go get ‘em!

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