Campus Event Advertising

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College students are the future leaders, innovators, and consumers of the 21st century. By tapping into the college student market, businesses can create a relationship that lasts for decades to come. While companies understand what they need to, the question is how? How do they tap into the college market and capture the attention of a generation that has about a 30-second attention span? While social media and the use of brand ambassadors has taken over the advertising world, there are still other forms of marketing that can capture the college student’s attention. One of the other ways to tap into the college market is to go right to the source and advertise on campus. Campus event advertising can be very successful if done correctly. There are three key aspects to campus advertising that will have college students flocking to the event.


Before the event takes place, it’s imperative that ambassadors are spreading the word weeks in advance. Whether that means putting up posters, handing out flyers, or posting on social media, the event needs to be broadcasted all around campus. Without proper advertising, businesses could plan a great event that no one attends. Even if companies are simply setting up a stand on campus, it’s still important to make sure their target market knows they are there. 

Free Food

Free food. It’s as simple as that. When college students hear of an event or even see one in the corner of their eye with the words “free food” they immediately flock to it. If all the college students take away from the event is the free food, they will still remember who gave it to them. The key to impacting college students is giving them an experience to remember. Free food allows students to feel as though they got something out of visiting the event or table. Odds are they will listen to what is being said if they get free food in return. While not every school or event allows outside food on campus, when possible, it’s a great edition.

Great Ambassadors

Once you have captured the college students’ attention with advertising and free food, the ambassadors working the event must be engaging and well-spoken. College students do not want to listen to a long drawn out reason for why they should be interested in what is being promoted. Ambassadors have a short window available to market the product or business. Getting current college students to be brand ambassadors at their own school is a great way to capture the market’s attention. When students see other students promoting something, they gain some sense of trust, and then there is an open window to capture their attention.

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