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College life is about exploration.  Students tend to only constrict themselves to their small dorm rooms in order to catch some much needed sleep.  On their trips between the library, meals, and nightlife excursions, the college demographic is incredibly impressionable through the use of out of home (OOH) advertising.  Made up of billboards, transit system wraps, bus shelters, etc., brands can shout their message in a variety of different forms.


Constantly on the move, students will see dozens of campaigns throughout their daily commute.    With the minimal attention spans that they have, something large and colorful is an easy way for companies to reel in new customers.   What better way for kids to entertain themselves during their travels than to throw on some music, people watch, and soak in the surrounding brand messages?


The icing on the out of home cake?  Cost effectiveness.  Coming in at a fraction of the price for digital and print placement, OOH is a great way to get your message out on a budget.  The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has many great  stats on the effectiveness of OOH including 39% of people who see an OOH ad talk about it with another person. Partnered with other forms of advertising, rounding out your campaign with bus wraps and train cards ensures multiple touch points.  Not every student may read their college newspaper, but everyone will be exposed to out of home advertising at one point or another.

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