College Brand Ambassadors Influence

College Brand Ambassadors Influence
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As we see transparency become increasingly important to Generation Z, the influence of brand ambassadors on college campuses has never been higher. They are reliable and trusted sources of information to their fellow students. Brand ambassadors enable companies and brands to connect with their target demographic in a personal, genuine, and authentic way. In this day and age where people carefully curate their “personal brand” college students are cautious about what companies they associate themselves with. When a student puts their stamp of approval on a product or service it carries significant weight with their peers. Brands gain credibility from the college brand ambassador endorsement.

Brand ambassadors act as representatives on campus allow for a two-way conversation. They utilize talking points and answer questions on the spot. This helps facilitate a better relationship between companies and consumers. They can also provide consumer feedback to the companies they represent. Brand ambassadors quickly and efficiently gauge interest by connecting with their peers, talking about brands, and sampling products.  This creates the ability for brand ambassadors to let the company know which products or services their fellow classmates are most interested in and/or which product features their peers find most appealing.

The Role of Social Media and College Brand Ambassadors Influence

A staggering 80% of Gen Z purchases are influenced in some way by social media, and social media users now trust influencers nearly as much as their friends. Imagine what could be accomplished if those influencers were their friends.

This is the precise reason that brands increasingly turn to brand ambassadors to reach the college student market. By combining social media strategies with on-campus flyering and postering, brands can stand out and reach a wide variety of students through liaisons they trust. These social media brand ambassadors often fall under a new distinction called nanoinfluencers. Nanoinfluencers are becoming increasingly valuable as they prove that with as few as 1,000 followers. Despite the low follower count, they can make a large impact. These nanoinfluencers are less expensive to work with. Their posts are more relatable, and their followers are often more loyal than the well-known social media personalities.

73% of young people say they feel it is their responsibility to guide their friends and family to make smart purchases. This is clearly evident if you look at their social media pages and examine the content that they feature. You can see the genuine enthusiasm that they have when making recommendations to their small but loyal audience comprised largely of people they know. This is a stark contrast to the generic posts about products targeted at a group of strangers across the world. Brand ambassadors simply give product recommendations as they would in-person, just  these conversations take place online through posts and comments.

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