College Campus Advertising

Collge Campus Advertising

Previously in our blog series, we have touched on how to have a successful college campus advertising campaign. Times are constantly changing in the world of business, so we wanted to refresh you with a few tips on how to successfully advertise on a campus.

Every university is different. In order to successfully advertise your product, you must figure out the best channels to reach your target market on EACH and EVERY campus. Is Greek life relevant? What about sports teams or clubs? Research the social scene at each campus and figure out where the type of student you’re trying to reach would most likely be found. Each campus is unique.

Location is key

Research the hot spots on campus that attract the most foot traffic. Your goal should be to reach as many students as possible. Your strategy can be minimal all while allowing you to maximize your results.

Speak their language

If you want to successfully advertise to students, you must be relatable to them. If you want to fully reach your market, you must understand what they want, how they think, and how they speak. One way to do this is by using brand ambassadors—the message is conveyed to a student BY a student. You can’t get any closer than that.

Stay on trend

For your campaign to work, you must stay on trend. Consider what college students are paying attention to, and implement these trends into the creative of your campaign. Whether it be a meme, a popular television show, or a celebrity scandal, there are always creative ways to catch a student’s attention, and then draw them back to the main focus: your product.


Offering an incentive is one of the best ways to get a student to pay attention to you. Often flyers are handed out and then thrown away. Avoid this by telling a story, taping on a pack of gum, entering them into a contest. Think of creative ways to make them feel apart of the campaign.

Just a few tips and tricks for college campus advertising since the school year is back and rolling.

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