College Event Sponsorships

College Event Sponsorship

College event sponsorships are mutually beneficial for both the sponsor and the event hosts. Colleges put on exciting events that attract thousands of students all the time. To help run the events smoothly, they need new and engaging sponsors. Career fairs, welcome fairs, family weekends, and vendor fairs throughout the fall and spring semesters are excellent ways to directly engage with students on campus and establish a presence and connection. Students love them because they can learn about relevant opportunities and take advantage of the resources brought to their campus. Events on college campuses are excellent opportunities for any company that wants to make an impression with a young and active audience. Here are a few tips for brands that want to successfully sponsor a college event.

Find an Event that attracts your Market

Colleges are always trying to put on interesting events to attract as many different students as possible. Different departments within colleges put on more specific events to cater to specific interests of students. They can be specific to majors or on-campus clubs, which can be a great way to target specific student interests. Finding the right college event sponsorships is the first step to ensure you’re marketing to the right crowd.

Make your presence known

At large events it can be easy to blend into the crowd. Hundreds of people could pass by without walking up to you. There are a few ways to make your presence more well-known on the day of the event.

Make sure that participants are aware of your presence through the use of social media. Create awareness and anticipation of your involvement in the event through the use of fun hashtags and social media posts.

The best way to avoid blending into the crowd at the actual event is to make your booth unique and fun to look at. You can do this by adding screens with fun animations, eye-catching posters that say something interesting about your company, or with interactive games where students could win something. Give people reason to mention your booth to friends after they leave. The point is, get creative and give people a reason to spread the word.

Keep students interested

College students are busy people and it takes more than just a colorful sign to keep them interested at a big event. Luckily, all college students love one thing: free stuff. To set your company apart from the rest, create fun promotional materials to give out to students. This gives students at the event a reason to check out the brand and provide free promotion as they use or wear the merchandise around others.

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