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One of the unique things that all college students know about before even arriving on a college campus is that over the course of the next four years they will receive more free t-shirts than they could ever fit into their dresser.  While t-shirts and other free swag have always been a prime way to spread brand awareness, it seems that today’s college students are beginning to see through the tricks and are looking for more meaningful connections with the brands that they choose. So what are marketers supposed to do to connect with millennial consumers?

  • Leave them with a story that they will want to share.
    Technology is taking a front seat in our world today; however do not forget about the power of good ol’ fashioned verbal communication.  According to a recent study in the Huffington Post, 59% of students say that their friends have the biggest influence on their purchasing decisions.  Leave them with a story, purpose, or idea that they want to share and can’t stop talking about; a powerful message can go a long way.
  • Brand Ambassadors
    The aforementioned statistics directly confirms the power of brand ambassadors.  Brand Ambassadors allow students to get recommendations from their peers. Looking at effective Brand Ambassador Programs like Red Bull, you can see the rise in hype and popularity surrounding the brand. When selecting Brand Ambassadors it is important to find students who are passionate about your product and will be good representatives of the brand. It shouldn’t be too hard to find college students interested in representing your brand considering 68 percent of colleges students report that they would be interested in being ambassadors for products they love and use.
  • The use of Social Media
    Along with Brand Ambassadors another way to have people share their love for your product is via social media. Social media is a powerful tool in today’s marketing world. The ability to like and share pages, links, and other mediums is an extremely powerful concept; friends are able to spread their brand loyalty and peers will be more willing to try a new brand backed by their friends.

At OnCampus Advertising we can help you build a powerful brand ambassador program or help you get your name out there in the online world. We can help you target specific target audiences based on different demographics including age, gender, major and location in order to help your campaign be as powerful and effective as possible.

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