College Marketing: The In-Store Experience

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The stereotypes of college students always glued to their phones is one that has permeated most of the marketing world. Most brands think college students simply just don’t appreciate the in-store experience, which is reinforced by declining retail sales year after year. However, it is interesting to discover that college students actually enjoy and prefer shopping in store. There are three important aspects that brands must pay attention to in order to speak to college students, and they are value, getting a deal and the in-store experience.

Value. This seems like an obvious aspect to keep in mind for a college marketing strategy. College students are looking for the best price to quality ratio on everything they buy. They aren’t looking to waste money on something extremely lavish, and they don’t want to buy something that won’t last the test of time. Installing helpful personal assistance lends to the assurance of the quality of what you are selling. Mass promotion or appeal will only turn off college students.

Getting a deal. Most college students understand how fast money can disappear. This leads to some inventive ways to cut corners in order to save money. College students who live off campus live with roommates to split the cost of rent, cancelling cable subscriptions, and living off cheap food. Surprisingly, college students enjoy using coupons – according to a survey by Time, 90% of college students use them to save money.

The in-store experience. This is perhaps the most important aspect of a retail college marketing strategy. There are countless benefits of using technology to streamline the purchasing process, capitalize on décor trends and aesthetics, and other fads. But for the in-store experience, it all comes down to one thing: staying true to what your brand provides and being authentic in sharing your brand through a physical store. Create an open environment that accurately represents what your brand is all about, and you will be sure to generate a positive response.

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